Brazilian Soccer Player Jairo Forced To Wear A Pink Dress

Brazilian Jairo footballer forced to a wear dressTotal Pro Sports – Whats the best way to get your soccer team motivated and playing to their full potential?

If you don’t have any ideas just ask Coach Roberto Fernandes of the Brazilian club Figueirense.

Coach Fernandes motivates his players by making them wear pink a dress that has a little girlie doll pictured on it if his squad is not giving him 150% during games and practices.

Roberto Fernandes first victim was midfielder Jairo (Pictured Left).  Although probably embarrassed, Jairo came out flying during the practice and played one of his best games in the clubs next match.

Some may consider this moral abuse, but we consider this a great idea.  So next time one of your players is not giving 150% pull out the pink dress and give them a scare.

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