Stan Van Gundy: “The Knicks Don’t Appreciate Patrick Ewing”

stan-van-gundyTotal Pro Sports- Stan Van Gundy was quoted Monday night during the Knicks halftime decades ceremony saying, “I’m not trying to needle anybody or tell them their business,” Van Gundy said after Orlando beat the Knicks 106-102. “What’s amazing is they honor the guy, I don’t know, every year. They honor him, but while they’ve got a lot of ex-players in their organization, they’ve never made any move to try to hire him. That to me is amazing.”

He also said that the fans love him, but the organization pretends to appreciate and like him, which is also ridiculous. Patrick Ewing is one of the faces of the Knicks organization history, and will always be known for what he did in Madison Square Garden. Many teams have tried to obtain him as a part of the coaching staff, and although I do not know if the Knicks made an attempt, but it doesn’t seem like they have. If the Knicks were intelligent enough, a move would have been made already, and Ewing would be an assistant coach.

Walsh, D’Antoni, whoever – get Ewing back to MSG, it’s where he belongs. The Knick fans would love to see him back home, he could help out the power forwards and future centers of the team and make them great, and he could be an overall force on the bench. Ewing would do wonders for the organization, so my recommendation is to get him back, and do whatever needs to be done to do it. Stan Van Gundy is right; it is shocking to see him somewhere else besides New York, so bring him back.

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