Alex Ovechkin Wears Coaches Corner T-Shirt

Alex Ovechkin Wears Coaches Corner T-ShirtTotal Pro Sports –  The whole Alex Ovechkin situation has officially been blown out of the water. The debate continued the other night when the Capitals were in Toronto to play the leafs and Ovechkin decided to wear his Don Cherry’s Coach’s Corner shirt.

“It’s a big number, I think for everybody. If I get it why (can’t I) celebrate?” Ovechkin offered before last night’s 3-2 shootout loss to the Leafs. “If you win the lottery, a million dollars, you go to the bar and drink a lot. I scored 50 goals and I just celebrated.”

Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating, what would you do if you scored 50 goals in a season?

Just before the Capitals pre-game soccer warm up at around 5:40pm, Alex Ovechkin came out wearing a “Coach’s Corner” T-shirt, “Hockey Night in Canada” shorts and on the back of the shirt, someone had written the word: “RESPECT.”  This was a special pre-game uniform OV wore because he was playing the Leafs and his best friend nemesis Don Cherry lives and tapes Coaches Corner in Toronto.

“It’s me, you know, I can do what I want and I don’t think it was a bad thing. I don’t want to show them disrespect. It’s all about my team and it’s all about me,” he said.

“Some players are just like robots. They score goals and it’s like okay, no emotion, nothing. You have to show emotion if you are an emotional guy. Show it. You don’t have to think about if somebody doesn’t like it.

“I don’t care if somebody (doesn’t) like it. If somebody (doesn’t) like it, don’t watch my game, don’t watch what I’m doing on the ice.” [TorontoStar]

I wonder what Don Cherry will have to say about Ovechkin wearing the Coaches corner gear come this Saturday Night on “Coaches Corner”?

This whole situation should be dropped, Alex Ovechkin is a rare human being with an amazing talent.  He is great for the game and if the fans are going to watch him and games are getting sold out, then who cares.

Just let OV be OV!!!!

Alex Ovechkin Wears Coaches Corner T-Shirt

Alex Ovechkin Wears Coaches Corner T-ShirtThis is why Ovechkin is the best, because he doesn’t care what people think about him.

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