Maradona Says ‘Pele Lost His Virginity To A Man’

diego-maradonaTotal Pro Sports – Diego Maradona declared today that former soccer superstar Pele lost his virginity with a man.  Maradona reacted this way because Pele said that he is not a good role model.

The Brazilian legend claimed last week that both Ronaldo and Robinho have taken drugs, and that Maradona is not someone to look up to because of his history with narcotics.

During a press conference today Maradona was asked about the statements made towards Pele,

“What do you want me to say? He debuted (lost his virginity) with a lad (a man),” is what the coach is reported to have said by a host of sources, including Marca.

Onlookers at the press conference had their fair share of laughs listening to Maradona make a fool of himself.  Neither Spanish News Paper Marca or any of the sources have confirmed that Pele lost his virginity to a man.

So are these statements true?  We don’t know at this time, but we can confirm the reports that Robinho loves to party (especially with transvestite porn stars).