Sooners Blake Griffin Is 2 Cool 4 School

blake-griffin-middle-finger-and-girlfriendTotal Pro Sports – Have you ever wondered what a college basketball star does when he is not on the court playing for his schools team?

Thanks to a tip sent to us by a student who attends the University of Oklahoma, that features a picture of Sooners forward Blake Griffin partying with 3 of his lovely little girlfriends and giving the camera man the middle finger.

If this was someone else other than Blake Griffin of the Oklahoma Sooners, this definitely would have been an issue with his head coach Jeff Capel.  But the recent College Basketball Player Of The Year has lead his team to the Elite 8 and is one game away from the Final Four.

So what does the middle finger represent to Blake Griffin?…………First Over all in this years NBA Draft.

I remember my days of college and they were nothing like these experiences, so all the power to these guys that manage to get an education, play the game they love and party like Rock Stars. If I could rewind time I would have chosen an American College, but since that is impossible we can only live these dreams through the reality of others.

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