Alyssa Milano Will Wear Nothing At All But A Dodger Jersey To Seduce A Man

alyssa-milano-in-dodgers-hatTotal Pro Sports – Alyssa Milano is your prototypical “MLB Ball Bunny”.

After stating late last year that she was done dating baseball players, it appears as though she is still writing about them.  Dating players like Barry Zito, Brad Penny, Carl Pavano and Russell Martin, its likely she been the topic of conversation on more than a couple pitching mounds.

On the road Alyssa Milano was at WFAN’s Boomer and Carton this morning promoting her new book titled “Safe at Home”. She was bombarded with questions during her interview, the one question that stood out the most to us was when Craig Carton asked Alyssa, “Why Carl Pavano?”

While she admitted the dirt on her relationships only takes up 4 pages out of 243 of the book, host Craig Carton peppered her on the age old question, “Why Carl Pavano?”

This what she had to say about Carl Pavano,

“Carl is a great guy. Well this is you know right after he won the World Series, so he was kinda baseball royalty, until he joined the Yankees

Words spoken by a true MLB Ball Bunnie!!!!!  I wonder if her fiance is proud????

WFAN’s Boomer and Carton Interview With Alyssa Milano

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