Tase Toronto FC Fan First, Ask Questions Later

Columbus Crew vs Toronto FCTotal Pro Sports-  On Saturday afternoon the Columbus Crew hosted the Toronto F.C., in an early season MLS game.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie, but the real story was after the game when Columbus and Toronto supporters met in the parking lot, to exchange pleasantries.

There are various reports of both Toronto and Columbus fans acting stupid, which is always expected at sporting events. However, during this near-riot a Toronto fan being tasered by the Columbus P. D., for no apparent reason.  The fan was detained and held on the floor by numerous officers and instead of simply being arrested, he was tasered.

The mutual frustration of a draw turned physical after the game. Unruly fans, including some from a contingent of an estimated 1,500 Toronto supporters, confronted one another and the police in parking lots to the south and east of the stadium. Multiple arrests were made and mace or pepper spray was used to break up at least one melee.

At least twenty Columbus police cruisers and a heli-copter were still patrolling the lots 45 minutes after the game. Columbus police said that some fans were ejected from the stadium and there were at least three arrests.

A security guard said that Toronto fans ripped a stadium railing from its bearings. Multiple rows of bleachers in the Toronto section were twisted and bent. Toronto fans also unfurled multiple vulgar banners that were removed by security. [TheColumbusDispatch]

After watching the video I can’t understand why the cops would taser this guy?  He must have done something to be tackled by so many officers, but at that point there was no need to tase him.

Well, nobody ever said you have to be smart to be a cop and these guys prove it.  Keep up the good work Columbus Police Department.


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