Soccer Ref Pulls Out Gun To Protect Himself

soccer-ref-pulls-out-gun-to-protect-himselfTotal Pro Sports –  In a game that featured two Romanian teams Popesti Stefan and Unirea Dragalina, the assistant referee had a tough decision and allowed a questionable goal.

The fans watching the game angered with the call stormed on the field to voice their displeasure with the call.  Afraid and not knowing what to do the ref pulled out a hand gun.

In a mobile phone video submitted to German website Bild, the assistant referee is hounded, and then seen to pull a gun from under his jersey.

So why was the referee carrying the gun?

There are many scenarios for the ref carrying the gun but we think he was trying to protect himself from his bookie looking to collect an outstanding debt.  Either way the ref now finds himself in trouble with the law.

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