Mike Myers Wears A Kilt And Team Canada Hockey Jersey

mike-myers-dressed-in-kilt-and-canada-jerseyTotal Pro Sports –  You can always count on comedian Mike Myers to do something a little out of this world.

During a New York Scottish-themed fashion fundraiser, Canadian Mike Myers walked the runway dressed in a kilt, knee high socks, a tuque and a red Team Canada Hockey jersey.

Strutting down the runway with an Agyness Deyn-style pout on his face and clad in a Canadian hockey shirt/tartan kilt combo, Mike Myers was one of the star attractions at a New York fashion show with a difference. The Ontario-born actor’s modeling efforts were in honor of a Scottish-themed fashion fundraiser.

A Scottish/Canadian, Mike Myers was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and is a die hard hockey fan.  He can always be spotted at Toronto Maple Leaf home games or wearing some sort of hockey jersey when out in public.  When offered the chance to walk the runway he jumped at the opportunity, showing his love for Scottish heritage, Canada and hockey.

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