Own A Piece Of XFL History For Only $16,000

xflTotal Pro Sports- Remember the XFL? the failed attempt at professional football that was brainchild of billionaire wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon?

It only lasted one season, but damn, it was entertaining.  Now for a measly 16,000 dollars you can own a piece of professional football history.

A Los Angeles Extreme XFL Champions ring is up for sale.  It is an actual players ring from the infamous “Million Dollar Game” and only 8 years later it has made its way to an internet pawn shop.

You better put your order in fast for this beauty, because I think I just might buy it. You can find the ring here at Championship-rings.net, where the pros go to pawn.

Check out this promo video and see for yourself, the glory that was the XFL. The best part of the video is when someone refers to Brian Bosworh as a “Shakespearean actor”.