Kirk Snyder Arrested and Charged In Ohio

kirk-snyder-arrested-and-charged-in-ohioTotal Pro Sports – Who would of thought that Kirk Snyder the one time Nevada basketball star who lead his team to upsets over Gonzaga and Michigan State in the NCAA Tournament and then drafted in the first round, 16th overall by the Utah Jazz would find himself in trouble with the law??

Kirk Snyder was playing overseas in China but returned home and on March 31st, when he was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and felonious assault.

The Warren County Sheriffs Office responded to the burglary call.

Caller: “Please help us, my neighbor came and broke into my house and attacked my husband. His jaw, I think it’s broken.”

Dispatcher:” And he just ran through the glass?”

Caller: ” He broke right through the glass. He’s like seven feet tall and he beat my husband. Please hurry. My husband’s not in good shape.”

Caller: “We just met him the other day and we befriended him.”

Caller: “Oh, my God. Oh, I don’t understand. We were so kind to him and friendly.”

Kirk Snyder was ordered to seek psychiatric evaluation and bond was set at $500,000.  Nobody knows what made Snyder flip out like this, but we can hope he can get the needed help to return playing in the NBA again.

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