Lukas Podolski Pimp Slaps Michael Ballack

lucas-podolskiTotal Pro Sports –  Sometimes a slap can be an effective way to get your message across and in this case it appears to have worked.  In a recent World Cup Qualifying match between Germany and Wales, German forward Lucas Podolski, slapped captain Michael Ballack in the face.

The video is poor quality, but it looks like Ballack had some choice words for Podolski.  As he is waking towards him, Ballack gives him a little shove and Poldolski responds by slapping in the in the face.

Maybe Ballack reminded him that he was born in Poland, sadly we will never know.  In case you were wondering,  Germany won the game 2-0.

It was a good smack, but nothing compares to the master of the German Pimp slap.

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