When Will This End? When Will We Learn?

donte-stallworth-in-courtTotal Pro Sports –  Today’s topic: Donte Stallworth and his manslaughter charge. I’ve got to tell you, I just don’t get it.

Yesterday (4/2/09) Stallworth had a court date in Florida, and surrendered himself to authorities on charges of DUI vehicular manslaughter. On March 14th at 7 a.m. Stallworth allegedly struck and killed 59 year old Mario Reyes. Initially Stallworth had claimed Mr. Reyes had been in the middle of the road when he hit him, but I have heard other reports saying that Stallworth actually drove his Bentley up on the sidewalk and hit him. He was given a breathalyzer test and blew a .126, almost twice the legal limit of .08 in Florida.

Sadly, he isn’t the first athlete to be caught driving under the influence, or even worse , taking a life while doing it. Former Yankee catcher Jim Leyritz is involved in a similar case. I don’t understand what these guys are thinking, unfortunately drunk driving is a massive problem in this country. I am positive that many people you know, or maybe even yourself has been guilty of this crime at one time or another. The fact that you made it home safely doesn’t change the fact that you are a complete moron for doing this. I am sure Stallworth didn’t have the intention of mowing somebody down on the way home. That’s the thing about alcohol, it impairs your judgment.

I am not making excuses for the common man with this next point, but I have to say it bothers me even more when it’s an athlete, or celebrity that gets nailed for this. I say that because these type of people have unlimited resources in terms of money. If you know you are going out, higher a car service. If you end up going out and have a few too many and weren’t planning on it, call a cab ! I mean it’s just ridiculous , what’s the big deal? Stallworth just received a 4.5 million dollar roster bonus the day before this happened. Are you trying to tell me he didn’t have enough to take a cab home?

I am sure that is not the case. Yet these things still continue to happen. We all know the dangers, it has been beaten into our very sub conscious at this point, yet drunk drivers are still responsible for so many deaths year to year. It is completely unacceptable in my opinion. I think a lot of it is the alcohol impairment, I think some of it is just plain arrogance. Whatever it is the law doesn’t care. The law does not distinguish between one life and another based on financial status , class, or looks etc. it is not a nightclub. When you irresponsibly get behind the wheel impaired, you are gambling with the lives of many, and that is where the arrogance comes in. I wish I had answers, I do not. All I know is many lives have been ruined because of this incident, Mr. Reyes who paid with his life, his loved ones.

I am trying to cope with Stallworth’s senselessness, who probably will be heading to prison for 15 years.

So, you guys tell me, when will this end? When will we learn ?

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