Who Knew The MMA Had Cry Babies?

nam-phan-ringman-criesTotal Pro Sports – People have always wondered if fighter Nam Pham could really win on the big stage. After two losses in Strikeforce events he refused to let those losses bring him down and decided drop down to the featherweight division.

A great decision by Pham because he knocked out his opponent Hideki Kadowaki in the first round at Sengoku 7. Kadowaki stood no chance dropping just after the 3 minute mark.

“I’m feeling great and I’m stoked,” said an elated Phan. “I feel like I trained really well and for this fight I was the most calm, focused and ready than in any other fight.”

Unfortunately nobody was talking about Nam Phan’s win after the fight, all the talk was about Phan’s crying ringman who accompanied him to the center of the ring after the fight. The unidentified ringman cries to an extent we have never seen before. It’s not like he is trying to hold back a couple of tears of joy for Phan, this guy is flat out balling.

The video along with the background music makes this video that more hilarious, enjoy.

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