Sean Avery Hits Tim Thomas In The Head With His Stick

Tim ThomasTotal Pro Sports – In yesterdays game between Eastern Conference rivals, the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers. Newly resigned goaltender Tim Thomas proved to the world he is worth the $5 million a season and held off the New York Rangers in a brilliant 1-0 shutout win.

Tim Thomas showed Bruins fans that for $5 million he can do more then just stop pucks he can also chase players like Rangers forward Sean Avery around the ice after Avery hit him in the head with his stick.

During a stoppage in play, Avery skated up behind Thomas and “accidentally” hit him on the back of his mask with his stick. Thomas, as you can see, decided to respond by chasing Avery from behind, and then feeding Fredrik Sjostrom a face full of blocker. Both players received two-minute minors for roughing.

This is not the first time Thomas has hit an opposing player during a game.  The first incident took place when he hit an unexpected Montreal Canadiens forward Andrei Kostitsyn who was crossing in front of the net.

The second incident took place when Maple Leafs forward Jason Blake came roaring down the wing and cut to the net, as he cut to the net goalie Tim Thomas decided the only way he was going to stop Blake (who earlier beat him for a goal) was to lunge at him with his blocker and glove.  Thomas used a double armed close line technique and never received a penalty for it.

Just a warning to future teams who face off against the Bruins, “Don’t mess with crazed goaltender Tim Thomas!!!!!!”.