Rally Car Driver Falls Off Mountain And Lives

rally crash

Total Pro Sports –  During a race on April 3rd, 2009 rally Car driver Jari-Matti Latvala, is lucky to be alive, following a frightening crash in Portugal a couple of days ago.  Not only did this guy almost die, but now his team wants to fire him, and I thought North American sports were cut-throat.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell this guy that there are no guardrails in rally driving.  After watching the video multiple times, I can’t believe the actually survived.

“This was the biggest accident of my career,” said Latvala.  “All was going well as we approached a right bend over a crest before a slow left corner.  I was carrying too much speed into the crest and the car lifted.  It hit a bank, went up onto two wheels and over the barrier.  I rolled maybe 150m off the road.  As we rolled there was an incredible noise and the roll cage started to fold in around us.  It was very frightening.”  (Race Results)

The best part is all of this happened on his birthday.  What a great present!!!

Check it out for yourself right here.