The March Maddness 2009 Final Puts People To Sleep

michigan-spartans-fan-sleeps-during-2009-finalsTotal Pro Sports- The TPS crew decided to take in the final game of NCAA’s 2009 March Madness tournament in Detroit. It seemed like a good idea because the possibility of watching Michigan State beat North Carolina was intriguing. However, as most of you already know, that didn’t happen. In fact, the game wasn’t ever close and put many people to sleep.

Hard working TPS cameramen managed to find one female fan who was so board by the lack of action on the court, she slept through the entire second half. You know a game was bad when the only highlight we can show you is of a fan nodding in and out of consciousness.

I’m sure many people were doing the same thing in the privacy of their own homes during this one. Unless you are a fan of North Carolina and in that case, I’m sure you really enjoyed the game.

Check out Hasheem Thabeet wearing sunglasses at Ford Field during NCAA finals.

Video angle #2