Ex-Footballer Teddy Sheringham Says ‘Check Your Balls’

teddy-sheringham-plays-with-his-ballsTotal Pro Sports – Former Soccer star and England great Teddy Sheringham who is also known as Edward Paul Sheringham stars in this months latest campaign to promote awareness for testicular cancer.

Teddy Sheringham has told men to “keep their eye on the ball” in a campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer. [SKY]

The advertisement which urges men to check their testicles every so often, will be played in Premier League stadiums over the next two weeks.  I wonder if Danielle Lloyd used to take care of checking Teddy’s testicles when they were together?

Sheringham said: “This research shows it’s important for blokes to take notice of their prized balls and if they notice something wrong to seek medical help immediately.”

So remember guys always keep an eye on your balls, because 99% of testicular cancer is curable.

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