Johan Santana Masters 100 Different Handshakes

johan-santana-handshakesTotal Pro Sports – Major League Baseball players have some of the best hand shakes in the world.  Most of the handshakes you see off the field probably once originated from the diamond.  Prior to the Mets home opener pitcher Johan Santana went through all his teammates in the dugout and saluted each of them with their own individual handshake.

Before the first pitch at Great American Ballpark today, Santana went from one end of the dugout to the other greeting each of teammates in a unique way. It’s not like he just has two or three that he recycles—every single guy gets his own secret shake and Santana somehow remembered them all on cue. That must have taken the entire spring training to organize. What a tremendous athlete! [DeadSpin]

At least Mets fans have something to look forward to prior to Johan Santana taking the mound, if they start falling in the standings

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