Vijay Singh’s Water Skip-Shot Hole In One During Masters Practice Round

vijay-singhs-water-skip-shot-hole-in-one-during-masters-practiceTotal Pro Sports – It has always been a tradition at the Masters during practice rounds that players drop a ball at the front edge of the 16th tee box and try to skip a shot over the water onto the green after hitting their tee shot.

When a player does skip the ball through the water and lands the ball on the green the crowd goes nuts and you can hear them roars from all over the course.  But imagine if a player holed the skip-shot through the water?

Well believe it or not 2000 Masters Champion, Vijay Singh accomplished this rare task the other day and aced the water skip-shot with little effort.

The video is not the best but watch closely and listen to the fans roar.

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