Yankees Eliminated After One Game

Fat CC SabathiaTotal Pro Sports – After playing one game this season it is already apparent that the Yankees’ big money deals during the off season were all a bust.  The team spent more than $400 million in the offseason to get the best free agents the hot stove had to offer only to get crushed by the lowly Baltimore Orioles in the first game of the season.

Not only did the Yankees lose, which might or might not have been permissible to Mr. Steinbrenner.  The big bat of Mark Teixeira, the new first baseman and most sought after free agent was kept quiet with a whopping total of zero hits on Monday.  And apparently the Orioles weren’t too intimidated because he only walked once.  Maybe it was the boos from the stands every time his name was mentioned.  Or maybe it was karma biting him since he grew up an Orioles fan.  I’m not sure, but it seems he can’t handle the pressure of the AL East and proved all those millions of dollars were poorly spent.

Yankees’ newest big arm and all around big man, C.C. Sabathia got slammed and didn’t even manage to last five innings while allowing eight hits, six runs and five walks.  Maybe he’s just trying to find his groove only training during the winter by walking to and from the fridge.  He tips the scales at over 300lbs.  But maybe Milwaukee used him up last year.  They were pitching him every third game.  Most of them for the whole nine innings regardless of whether his arm might fall off or not.  Don’t think compare this to his slow start last year.  A showing like Opening Day and the body proportions of a hippo obviously point to him being relegated to triple A this year.  Never mind the hundred million dollar contract and potential, he can’t rebound from a beating like that.

The last reason the Yankee’s are surely eliminated is that some lucky O’s fan managed to pass the curse of Jeffery Maier back to the Yankees.  In the eighth inning a fan knocked a long fly ball from out of Johnny Damon’s glove and into the stands for making it a two run homer.  Now that fan interference has robbed the Yankees of a pivotal statement game designed to show their dominance they will be forced to spend the next ten years fighting to get out of the cellar of the AL East.

Long story short, after one game, it’s clear the Yankees’ season is over.  They’re big acquisitions were a bust. Sure, they’ll win a few.  But right now the Pittsburgh Pirates have a better chance of playing in October.

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