Brian Sutherland The Greatest Boxer You Never Knew About

the-mullet-man-brian-sutherlandTotal Pro Sports – At first I thought this was another April fools joke, but then I remembered that April fools was 8 days ago.

This early 90’s boxing match featuring Mike Tyson “The Mullet Man” Brian Sutherland has to be one of the funniest boxing matches we have ever seen.  We just want to know how didn’t this guy didn’t get hurt, boxing like it was his first time in the ring?

“The boxing database BoxRec reports that Sutherland never fought again after this appearance on USA’s Tuesday Night Fights, and after you see him in action against Liverpool’s own Kenny Rainford, it’s rather obvious why.” [WithLeather]

How The Mullet Man made “Tuesday Night Fights” we will never know!!!!!  But check out the infamous mullet, it’s one of the best.

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