John Daly Is At The Masters Selling Stuff

john-daly-at-the-masters-selling-stuffTotal Pro Sports – That’s right boys and girls John Daly is back and he can be found at this year’s Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  Daly is only a couple weeks away from returning from his 6 months suspension from the PGA but not as a player, but as a vendor selling memorabilia out of his RV.

“Daly is slim n’ trim, having lost 40 pounds the new-fashioned way — surgically — and only a few weeks away from finishing off his six-month PGA suspension for a variety of offenses. He’s also trying to pile up as much coin as he can through his cash-only sales of merchandise ranging from the paintings above to hand-signed Daly balls. Daly is also offering the opportunity to get pictures with the man himself.

It’s the same kind of “Stick-It-To-The-Man” approach that Pete Rose takes when he goes to Cooperstown to sign autographs during Hall of Fame inductions.  This process endears them to a large section of fandom, but at the cost of upsetting the very people they really need to be impressing.

John says that he has turned his life around once again, so we may as well give him another chance.  If he doesn’t fight off those demons and get back to the John Daly we all once knew, he will at least be able to provide us with another interesting, glorified, John Daly story.

I wonder how much he asking for a picture and a signed ball?????

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