Michael Ballack Kicks Ball To The Groin Commercial

michael-ballack-kicks-ball-to-the-groin-commercialTotal Pro Sports – German soccer player Michale Ballack’s new Adidas Predator shoe commercial was recently played in Canada for the first time.   The commercial featured Ballack trying to kick a soccer ball through a hoola-hoop which was being held by his trainer.

Can you guess what happened next?

As he kicked the ball, he missed the hoola-hoop and hit the trainer square in the groin.  I quickly reached for my groin, as it felt that I were struck by the soccer ball.

Imagine the pain the trainer must have been in?  I hope his friends are okay!!!!

A genius viral marketing idea by Adidas, you can bet their sales will go through the roof after this hilarious attempt to sell their shoes.

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