Boston Bruins New Playoff Hockey Commercials

boston-bruins-new-playoff-hockey-commercialTotal Pro Sports – The Boston Bruins have released their first round playoff commercials for their series against the division rivals Montreal Canadiens.

“But the Boston Bruins have taken things to a new level with some of the smartest, snarkiest takes on hockey fandom we’ve seen emerge from an NHL team’s advertising efforts. Coming up, check out the hilarious videos starring a giant bear, a dude with unfortunate taste in women, a complete nuisance at the game and (much to our joy) a Jersey Foul.

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The second commercial of the three part series features the Boston Bruins Bear and a fan that looks like Porn Star Ron Jeremy who tucks in his hockey jersey.

The last commercial features the Boston Bruins Bear chasing a fan who is on the phone during the game.

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