Sergio Garcia Says He Doesn’t Like The Masters

sergio-garcia-says-he-doesnt-like-the-matersTotal Pro Sports -The third ranked golfer in the world, Sergio Garcia hates the Masters and the Augusta National Golf Club.  If it where his choice he probably would never play the Maters ever again, but you know his sponsors wouldn’t let him do that.

“I don’t like it [Augusta National Golf Club]…I don’t think it’s fair…it’s too tricky…you get mud balls in the middle of the fairways.”  When asked what he would like to see different Sergio replies ,”I don’t care, they can do whatever they want. It’s not my problem.   I just come here and play then go home.”

Sergio cried before the Maters and he’s still crying after the tournament is done. We don’t understand what his problem is?  Golf is supposed to be a tough sport and without the challenges everybody would be a scratch golfer.

So Sergio if you don’t like the Masters and the challenges it throws you every year, then we recommend a local mini putt where you probably will score a decent round.  Stop crying and play golf, because that’s what you get paid to do.

Sergio Garcia Complains that Augusta is Too Tricky – [tinou’s 730 step]

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