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Updated (April 15, 2009)

We have updated to NFL Mock Draft 8.0 Check it out!

Total Pro Sports – Introducing the Total Pro Sports Mock Draft, version 7.0.  Many changes have occurred in the first three rounds as a result of the recent scouting combine, pro days, free agency, and other off-season transactions.   With free agency still fully underway, you can expect frequent changes leading up to draft day team needs change.

It is our intention to add more, more, MORE to this section as the draft approaches, making TPS your one stop shop for draft analysis.  Changing team needs, player workout results, in-depth film study, character assessments, and all the other “measurables” play significant roles in where players are drafted. As new information becomes available, watch as players move up or down the draft board, possibly landing on your favorite team’s roster.

Leave your comments or questions below and share your thoughts with us, as well as other NFL fans around the globe. I will respond to as many questions and comments as I can, so check back often.  Let’s talk talent!

Best Case – Refers to a player’s “up-side”. My view of what a player is likely to become in the NFL, in terms of production or equivalent talent, assuming that he reaches his full potential.

Worst Case – Refers to a player’s “down-side” or “bust” potential. If you find a great NFL player’s name used to describe a draftee’s worst case scenario, then I am not concerned about a bust possibility, as is the case with Knowshon Moreno.

(Best Case/Worst Case are used only in the first round)

Lets take a look at the 2009 Mock NFL Draft: 7.0

Round 1

Pos Team Player Comments Best Case/Worst Case Change
1 Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford, Georgia, QB Supposedly, contract negotiations are underway.  It now appears that the Lions will take Stafford if they can sign him before draft day…unfortunately. B Jay Cutler

W Kyle Boller

Green Arrow7
2 St Louis Rams Eugene Monroe, Virginia, OT A top heavy class of tackles allows the Rams to select the franchise left tackle to replace Orlando Pace. B Tony Boselli

W Chris Samuels

3 Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Curry, Wake Forest, OLB With Cassel now a Chief, KC is able to take the top defender in the draft. Curry is one of the most talented football players I’ve ever seen–PERIOD. B Demarcus Ware

W Julian Peterson

4 Seattle Seahawks Jason Smith, Baylor, OT Smith slides to Seattle, who could go in many different directions here. Crabtree is a strong possibility, as is Sanchez, but if they can’t trade back, I think Smith is their guy. B Walter Jones

W D’Brickeshaw Furgeson

Red Arrow3
5 Cleveland Browns Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech, WR Brady Quinn, now more than ever, needs a reliable play maker opposite Braylon Edwards to compete in the AFC North.  If Crabtree is available, I can’t see them passing. B Michael Irvin

W Keyshawn Johnson

Red Arrow1
6 Cincinnati Bengals Brian Orakpo, Texas, DE No value tackles left at this point so the Bengals could opt to take the explosive pass rusher.  Cinci managed just 17 sacks as a team in ’08.  Within a few years, this guy could have that many by himself! BDwight Freeny

W Adewale Ogunleye

Red Arrow1
7 Oakland Raiders Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland, WR I’ve gone back and forth on this one.  If no one slides, it’s either OT or WR.  DHB is the fastest receiver in the draft.  The remaining OT’s would be as big a reach as this.  This move brings the “Run it. Run it. Throw it deep” philosophy back to Oakland. BJoey Galloway

W Charles Rogers

Green Arrow19
8 Jacksonville Jaguars Vontae Davis, Illinois, CB I really see this pick being traded so someone can take Mark Sanchez.  If they stay at eight, it’s either Davis or reach on an OT. BNnamdi Asomugha

WWill Allen

Green Arrow6
9 Green Bay Packers Tyson Jackson, LSU, DT Jackson’s stock has been on the rise since January. BJ Raji’s recent positive drug test have Green Bay going DE instead of DT with this pick. BRichard Seymore

W Philip Merling

Green Arrow3
10 San Francisco 49ers Mark Sanchez, USC, QB The 49ers need a left tackle and a rush linebacker. None are available that pose the value Sanchez does. The Alex Smith era is officially over. Sanchez is perfect for this offense. BCarson Palmer

W Trent Edwards

11 Buffalo Bills Everett Brown, Florida State, DE Buffalo desperately needs a pass rusher, as they finished near the bottom of the league in sacks. Brown is a gifted athlete with a huge upside. BMario Williams

W Jamaal Anderson

12 Denver Broncos BJ Raji, Boston College, DT The ideal 3-4 nose tackle. Raji’s recent positive drug test may have him slide out of the top ten, but not past the Bronco’s who need everything defensively. They may also trade up to select QB Mark Sanchez. We’ll see. BKris Jenkins

W Barry Coefield

Red Arrow3
13 Washington Redskins Andre Smith, Alabama, OT Filling a desperate need, the Skins take the troubled Smith to play right tackle.  They’d like to trade down some, but will take a right tackle at 13 unless a value DE slides. BJeff Otah

W Tony Mandarich

Red Arrow6
14 New Orleans Saints Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State, CB In a weak draft for DB’s, New Orleans takes arguably the best one in the draft. There is a strong possibility that he will play free safety for the Saints. A need either way. BChamp Bailey

WAntoine Winfield

Green Arrow1
15 Houston Texans Clay Matthews, USC, OLB Recent off-season acquisitions have all but eliminated D-line as a possibility here. With both value corners gone, a versatile OLB, like the fast-rising Trojan, is a likely choice. BKevin Green

W Manny Lawson

Green Arrow28
16 San Diego Chargers Rey Maualuga, USC, ILB Rey’s stock has yo-yo’d for much of the evaluation period. If he falls to San Diego, I can’t see them passing. BJunior Seau

W Antonio Pierce

17 New York Jets Josh Freeman, Kansas State, QB Huge arm and huge upside. The Jets QB situation is sad, to say the least. With all the value corners off the board, Freeman is their guy. Maclin is another possibility here. BBen Roethlisburger

W Jim Druckenmiller

18 Denver Broncos Larry English, Northern Illinois, OLB Trade From Chicago: The Broncos add the top pass rusher on the board to help form their new 3-4.  They’d better be looking to trade up to take Sanchez.  This selection should be considered a consolation prize if they cannot. BJoey Porter

W Karlos Dansby

Green Arrow5
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Percy Harvin, Florida, WR Harvin has impressed even his biggest doubters (like me) during his post-season workouts. His stock has matured and he goes to a team looking to add some firepower. BSteve Smith

W Sinorice Moss

20 Detroit Lions Michael Oher, Ole Miss, OT Trade From Dallas: Taking Stafford number one demands the selection of a left tackle here. William Beatty could be selected here ahead of Oher, who has had some “technical difficulties”. BOrlando Pace

W Levi Brown

Red Arrow14
21 Philadelphia Eagles William Beatty, Connecticut, OT The Eagles have serious issues at both tackle positions. Beatty should be able to start on one side or the other immediately. BMatt Light

W Levi Brown

Green Arrow7
22 Minnesota Vikings Eben Britton, Arizona, OT Minnesota has had a weakness at right tackle for some time. Britton is the solution. BJordan Gross

W Ryan Diem

Red Arrow9
23 New England Patriots Aaron Maybin, Penn State, OLB The Pats OLB’s aren’t the youngest group in the league. Maybin will bring youth, athleticism, and versatility. BShawn Merriman

W Manny Lawson

Green Arrow2
24 Atlanta Falcons Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State, TE Pettigrew is perfect for the Falcons offense.  He will give Matt Ryan a reliable third down/red-zone target and will improve the running game, if you can imagine that. BJason Witten

W Algae Crumpler

Green Arrow5
25 Miami Dolphins Darius Butler, Connecticut, CB Corner has become a top need for the Dolphins. Butler is simply the best one on the board. WR is another possibility here but Parcells is notorious for drafting defense in the first round. BAsante Samuel

W Nick Harper

Green Arrow5
26 Baltimore Ravens Jeremy Maclin, Missouri, WR Baltimore needs a speed receiver badly and are thrilled that Maclin slides to 26. If he’s available here, this is as close to a “lock” as it gets. BChad Johnson

W Devin Hester

Red Arrow8
27 Indianapolis Colts Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina, WR With Marvin Harrison’s release, the Colts must fill a huge hole. Nicks is perfect for Indy’s system. He is an awesome route runner with very strong hands. Many think a DT will go here. The Colts will fix the offense first, as draft history reveals. BReggie Wayne

W Muhsin Muhammad

28 Philadelphia Eagles Chris Wells, Ohio State, RB Trade From Carolina: A power back to compliment aging Brian Westbrook. Yet another formidable two-headed backfield develops in the NFL. BLarry Johnson

W Lendale White

Green Arrow3
29 New York Giants Brian Cushing, USC, OLB The Giants badly need a number one wideout but will get maximum value by taking Cushing. Cushing has plenty of versatility and could play any of the three LB positions (best at SAM). BKeith Brooking

W Scott Fujita

Red Arrow5
30 Tennessee Titans Peria Jerry, Ole Miss, DT What a relief for Titans’ fans. Albert Haynesworth’s departure makes this a necessary pick. BAsante Samuel

W Nick Harper

Red Arrow10
31 Arizona Cardinals Knowshonn Moreno, Georgia, RB I just want to go on record as saying this will never happen. Someone will take Moreno much earlier, probably via trade. Moreno is perfect for this wide open offense, however, and would carry the load for AZ in ’09 were he to fall to 31. BLadainian Tomlinson

W Brian Westbrook

Red Arrow10
32 Pittsburgh Steelers Alex Mack, California, C Mack is the logical choice with no value OT on the board. He will upgrade the interior line, improve the running game, and keep Big Ben upright more often. BAndre Gurode

W Matt Birk

Round 2

Pos Team Player Comments Change
33 Detroit Lions Robert Ayers, Tennessee, DE Detroit looks to improve their D-Line again with Ayers, the best run stuffing 4-3 end in the draft with excellent pass rush ability.  He could easily go higher, but the “one year wonder” fear may keep him out of round one.
34 New England Patriots James Laurinaitis, Ohio State, ILB Trade From KC: Many believe the Patriots could make this pick in round one. Sitting at 34, there is an excellent chance he’ll still be on the board.
35 St Louis Rams Max Unger, Oregon, C/G So many needs, so few draft choices. Unger is the answer to their prayers at center or guard. Newly signed Jason Brown could stay put but will likely kick out to guard. Kenny Britt is a possibility here, but I get the feeling that the Rams are happy with their young group of WR’s. Green Arrow7
36 Cleveland Browns Clint Sintim, Virginia, OLB Rush linebacker is probably the top need for the Browns. Sintim has a track record of success at that position, unlike many of his “conversion guy” counterparts. Green Arrow5
37 Seattle Seahawks Kenny Britt, Rutgers, WR Passing on Crabtree in round one paid off big for the Seahawks. They have come away with two starters with their first two picks. Britt should be able to play opposite TJ by mid-season at worst. He is perfect for this system. Red Arrow8
38 Cincinnati Bengals Jamon Meredith, South Carolina, OT Meredith is a fast riser who had an excellent combine. He can start day one on the right side, and will add depth on the left, protecting an injury-prone quarterback. Red Arrow7
39 Jacksonville Jaguars Brian Robiskie, Ohio State, WR The Jags have serious issues at wide receiver. Robiskie is very NFL ready and should be productive immediately. Red Arrow4
40 Oakland Raiders Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech, DE Johnson fits the Al Davis mold perfectly.  He is a freakish athlete with a huge upside.  Highly inconsistent performer and fairly weak against the run, but should be explosive rushing the passer.
41 Green Bay Packers Ron Brace, Boston College, DT Passing on Raji in round one wasn’t such a bad idea if this actually pans out. Brace should eventually anchor this defense. Green Arrow6
42 Buffalo Bills Eric Wood, Louisville, C The Bills fill a glaring hole with this pick. Wood will provide some stability inside for the Bills and can play anywhere between the tackles, upgrading any of those three positions. Green Arrow43
43 San Francisco 49ers Sean Smith, Utah, S Smith fills a big need for a team with several. Rush linebacker, tackle, or wide receiver are all possibilities here. Smith is the best player on the board considering all of their needs. Red Arrow9
44 Miami Dolphins Duke Robinson, Oklahoma, G Trade From Washington: It is unlikely that Robinson will slide to 44 but if he does, Parcels will be all over this. They badly need a left guard along side Jake Long. Look no further than the best one in the draft.
45 New York Giants Donald Brown, Connecticut, RB Trade From New Orleans: Brown will replace departed Derrick Ward, adding even more big play ability. The Giants’ biggest need is WR, but value dictates this as it did in in the first.
46 Houston Texans William Moore, Missouri, S Filling another hole in the secondary, Houston takes Moore to upgrade the strong safety position.  Moore will be excellent in the box or in coverage.  Huge upside.
47 New England Patriots LeSean McCoy, Pittsburg, RB Trade From San Diego: McCoy will bring youth and speed to the Pats’ backfield. Best case, he eventually shares the load with Lawrence Maroney. Worst case, he eventually replaces Kevin Faulk as the third down back.
48 Denver Broncos Jarron Gilbert, San Diego St., DE/DT Gilbert is an amazing physical speciman. He will be converted from DT to DE in the Denver 3-4. He could be as good as Tyson Jackson by the time it’s all said and done. Green Arrow11
49 Chicago Bears Paul Kruger, Utah, DE Chicago has been extremely active this off-season. With its top pick, it has the luxury of taking the best player available. It just so happens that Chicago finds the best player available at a position that needs to be upgraded. Kruger should compete for playing time immediately. Red Arrow11
50 Cleveland Browns Jared Cook, South Carolina, TE Trade from Tampa Bay: With Winslow now gone, there is a glaring hole at TE. Cleveland nabs the tight end with the biggest upside in the draft. Cook is a blazing fast receiving tight end and should be able to fill Winslow’s shoes quickly.
51 Dallas Cowboys Louis Delmas, Western Michigan, S Dallas has more needs than in recent history to fill.  No better place to start than by replacing hard hitting Roy Williams.  Delmas is also a hard hitter and excellent in run support. He reminds me a lot of Bob Sanders; another undersized thumper. Hopefully he can stay healthier than Bob has. Green Arrow13
52 New York Jets Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma, WR A solid wide receiver who runs precise routes and has consistent hands. Iglesias is an excellent open field runner and should be able to start at WR2 by mid season.
53 Philadelphia Eagles Herman Johnson, LSU, G Another o-lineman who could alleviate the very strange Shawn Andrews situation. Johnson can start at either guard spot if needed. This move would allow left guard, Todd Heremans, to move to tackle at worst. Need pick, in any case. Green Arrow12
54 Minnesota Vikings Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest, CB The Vikings defense lacks corners with ball skills. Smith is probably the best “ball hawk” in the draft. Undersized at 5’8″, but so is starter Antoine Winfield. Need pick.
55 Atlanta Falcons Chris Baker, Hampton, DT Atlanta’s run defense needs a stout force in the middle. With Ron Brace long gone, Baker is the next best option at 55. Green Arrow12
56 Miami Dolphins Louis Murphy, Florida, WR At 6’2″, Murphy runs a consistent 4.4. He could become the possession receiver the Dolphins badly need accross from Ted Ginn. His speed will be an added bonus. Red Arrow17
57 Baltimore Ravens Victor Harris, Virginia Tech, CB A physical corner in press coverage and a sure tackler, “Macho Harris” improved his stock greatly by running a sub 4.5 at his pro day, moving back into round two.
58 New England Patriots Rashad Johnson, Alabama, S With this pick, NE officially has no more weaknesses!  Johnson is a very cerebral player with excellent instincts and ball skills.  He will play free safety opposite Brandon Meriweather at strong.
59 Carolina Panthers Sen’Derrick Marks, Auburn, DT Carolina’s run defense badly needs a solid D-tackle who can contribute immediately. With Jarron Gilbert off the board, Marks is the best fit for their scheme. Green Arrow3
60 New York Giants Ramses Bardon, Cal Poly, WR Bardon’s stock has been rising since the end of the ’08 season. The Giants need a big-bodied possesion receiver to replace Burress. If they pass on Kenny Britt in round one, Bardon could be their guy at 60. Green Arrow9
61 Indianapolis Colts Evander Hood, Missouri, DT The Colts have to get stronger at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. Hood is always in the backfield, and will improve that porous run defense while providing some added pressure on the passer. Gap perpetrator who is perfect for Indy’s scheme.
62 Tennessee Titans DJ Moore, Vanderbilt, CB Slightly undersized, like Zo Smith, but great ball skills in zone or man. Could go higher, but will not slide past the Titans at 62. Red Arrow6
63 Arizona Cardinals Connor Barwin, Cincinnati, OLB Barwin is a highly athletic and versatile player who lit up the scouting combine. A DE in college, Barwin could play both DE and rush linebacker in Arizona’s highly diverse scheme. Perfect fit for this team!
64 Pittsburgh Steelers Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma, OT A mammoth tackle who protected Sam Bradford’s blind side in college, Loadholt should be able to step in right away at right tackle for the world champs. With the o-line fixed, it should be “best player available” going forward. Red Arrow15

Round 3

Pos Team Player Comments Change
65 Detroit Lions Darry Beckwith, LSU, ILB Dominant inside backer who slides to Detroit. I personally believe he will be a better pro than Lauranaitis. Second year in a row that Detroit gets a steal at the top of round three. Red Arrow5
66 St Louis Rams Patrick Chung, Oregon, S The Rams have many defensive needs. A starting strong safety is chief among them. Chung poses excellent value at 66 overall. He should be able to crack the starting lineup right away. Red Arrow15
67 Kansas City Chiefs Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas, C A very deep center class bears fruit in round three for KC. This has been a need for some time and is a step in the right direction to rebuild that O-line. Green Arrow27
68 Seattle Seahawks Keenan Lewis, Oregon State, CB Lewis has excellent size at 6’0″, 208 lbs. Seattle will be targeting a tall physical corner with speed. Lewis pumped out 20 reps on the bench, and ran a sub 4.5 at his pro day. He will fit the bill perfectly. Green Arrow11
69 Dallas Cowboys Andy Levitre, Oregon State, G Trade from Cleveland: Dallas’s o-line is aging and guard is a position which needs to be upgraded anyway. Levitre is a steal in round three. Some have him rated ahead of Duke Robinson as the top rated guard in this class. Great pick! Red Arrow16
70 Cincinnati Bengals Shonn Greene, Iowa, RB There is no way that Cedric Benson miraculously becomes a player. He has never been an effective featured back in the NFL. Greene will compete with Benson for carries and should win that battle outright by mid-season.
71 Oakland Raiders Troy Kropog, Tulane, OT No need to reach for a tackle in the first two rounds. There are plenty of right tackles to be had all the way through round three. Kropog is the best run blocking tackle on the board and should start during his rookie season. Green Arrow1
72 Jacksonville Jaguars Pat White, West Virginia, WR/QB An excellent pick for a team that badly needs receiver help and could use a developmental quarterback prospect. White is both but should play immediately in the slot. Green Arrow15
73 Green Bay Packers Gerald Cadogan, Penn State, OT The Pack cannot get enough Big Ten smash-mouthers. Cadogan has propelled himself into the third round, and may stil be rising, with impressive post season workouts. Green Bay needs depth and youth at tackle. Green Arrow24
74 San Francisco 49ers Fenuki Tupou, Oregon, OT Solid tackle. Decent pass blocker. Excellent run blocker. He is the top tackle on the board. San Francisco needs one badly, simply put.
75 Buffalo Bills Chase Coffman, Missouri, TE The most underrated of all the TE’s in this draft. I have him rated as a late first round talent. He doesn’t have the most speed in the draft and wasn’t asked to block as much as Pettigrew, but he may have the best hands. Goal line!
76 New York Jets Kevin Barnes, Maryland, CB Trade from N.O.: Barnes is a fast riser recovering from shoulder surgery. His 6’0″, 190 lb frame and 4.45 speed are just what the Jets are looking for to improve that secondary. Green Arrow21
77 Houston Texans Rashad Jennings, Liberty, RB Jennings is a beast, as he demonstrated at the Senior Bowl. This is the power back Houston needs to compliment elusive Steve Slaton. Steal at 77. Red Arrow19
78 San Diego Chargers Fili Moala, USC, DE San Diego takes another USC talent on defense. Moala will convert to 3-4 end permanently in this defense replacing Igor Olshansky.
79 Denver Broncos Danell Ellerbe, Georgia, ILB An excellent tackler who will provide athleticism and versatility. Injury concerns have him sliding, but lack of quality inside backers keep him in round three. Green Arrow3
80 Washington Redskins Lawrence Sidbury, Richmond, DE Raw talent with all the tangibles. Very fast off the edge but will need lots of work on technique. Small school product may take a couple of years to develop. Huge upside.
81 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alex Magee, Purdue, DT Tampa’s D-line needs to get more pressure. Magee is a gap penetrator and will be a good fit for the Bucs system. Green Arrow16
82 Detroit Lions Cornelius Ingram, Florida, TE Trade from Dallas: Gifted athlete who missed ’08 with an injury. He was a first round talent before his injury and has been impressive in off-season workouts. Ingram’s upside has no ceiling and Detroit could use another reliable target. Red Arrow32
83 Green Bay Packers Mike Mickens, Cincinatti, CB Trade from NYJ: Mickens is another tall corner, at 6’0″, just like Green Bay likes them. He is a bit of a question mark, having not worked out much for scouts. The one forty time he ran was over 4.5. That shouldn’t be a problem on the “frozen tundra”. Red Arrow15
84 Denver Broncos Jairus Byrd, Oregon, CB Trade from Chicago: Excellent zone corner with tremendous ball skills. He will be an ideal nickel back in his rookie season and could become the number two corner by season’s end. Red Arrow18
85 Philadelphia Eagles Travis Beckum, Wisconsin, TE Donovan McNabb needs a reliable third down target outside of Brian Westbrook. Beckum would be an excellent fit if the Eagles pass on Brandon Pettigrew in round one. Green Arrow4
86 Minnesota Vikings Dorell Scott, Clemson, DT Excellent height/weight/speed ratio guy.  Will add depth to an aging Minnesota defensive front.
87 Miami Dolphins Cody Brown, Connecticut, OLB Cody Brown was an explosive pass rusher in college. The Fins will develop him to play opposite Joey Porter adding pressure on the QB. Red Arrow3
88 Baltimore Ravens Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida, OLB McKenzie is a ferocious and intense player who is very versatile. The Ravens need depth at LB and McKenzie can play three different roles in their scheme.
89 New England Patriots James Casey, Rice, TE Casey has huge upside and could start in 2010. This has been an exceptional draft for the Patriots. Combined with all the moves NE has made in free agency, they should be making a run at 16-0 again! Green Arrow8
90 Atlanta Falcons Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest, S A very gifted athlete who was nothing but a play maker in college. At over 220 lbs, Vaughn will replace future HOFer Lawyer Milloy. I actually have Vaughn rated as a second round pick unlike most. Great value here, if you asked me.
91 New York Giants Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina, CB The Giants need depth at corner. Munnerlyn could be the nickelback by mid-season. Green Arrow2
92 Indianapolis Colts Andre Brown, NC State, RB I think this is a steal at 92, though some have Brown going later. If you watched the Senior Bowl, you know what I’m talking about. He is a 224 lb running back who can catch, block, and run. Had he played at Georgia, he’d easily be a first round back. Colts need a big back to close out games. Brown is that guy.
93 Carolina Panthers Derrick Williams, Penn State, WR An aging Panthers receiving corps demands the selection of a wideout early in the draft. Williams has plenty of speed and will add value as a return specialist. Could play early in the slot and develop into a number two by years end. Red Arrow22
94 Tennessee Titans Mike Wallace, Ole Miss, WR With legit 4.35 speed, this is the field-stretching weapon that Tennessee needs to keep defenses honest. He will take some time to develop and should be spoon fed the offense slowly. Lookout in 2010. Green Arrow3
95 Arizona Cardinals Antoine Caldwell, Alabama, C First team All-American, ahead of Mack, Unger, and the rest. Caldwell is an extremely intelligent technician who will eventually help open holes in a much improved running game.
96 Pittsburgh Steelers Sherrod Martin, Troy State, S Pittsburgh needs to upgrade the free safety spot. Martin will develop in the complex scheme in ’09 but could start in 2010. Current 30 year old starter, Ryan Clark, is entering the final year of his contract. Green Arrow1

Check back often for frequent changes during the free agency period.  Leave your questions or comments below.  I will respond to as many as I can.

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