The Stat Line Of The Night – 04/14/09 – John Buck

IJohn BuckTotal Pro Sports – The Kansas City Royals looked to improve in the win column as they hosted the struggling Cleveland Indians on Tuesday Night.  The Royals jumped out to an early 2-0 lead and never looked back, they won the game 9-3 and improved to 2 games over .500 (5-3 record).

The player of the game was Kansas City Royals catcher John Buck.  Buck is off to a blazing start this young season and in yesterdays game he did not disappoint going 2-4 at the plate, hitting 2 home runs (1 of them being a grand slam), added 5 RBI’s and 2 runs scored in the win.  Ultimately making him “The Stat Line Of The Night” for Tuesday April 14th, 2009.

“When you lift, it’s not fun to do core,” Buck said. “You’d rather do curls for the girls, get the triceps going to look good. I really took a look at what was going to benefit me the most from a professional standpoint, from a baseball standpoint and it’s obviously was core.”

Well just have to wait and see if the Royals can continue on their winning ways the rest of the season.

Royals 9, Indians 3 – [SportsLine]

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