Erin Andrews Enjoys Her Pork Sandwich At The Mets Opener

erin-andrews-enjoys-a-pork-sandwichTotal Pro Sports – America loves Erin Andrews!!!  I’m mean who doesn’t love watching this blond bombshell on Television.  Even if you hated sports, I still think you would watch just to see her grace the TV screen.

During the New York Mets home opener Erin Andrews was spotted eating a pork sandwich (I’m guessing it was a pulled pork sandwich, sound funny?). She told the fans watching her eat not to take her picture because SI’s Hot Clicks would post it.

“Oh, Erin, you are so right. But look on the bright side, that other picture of you eating a sandwich is played out at this point.  Plus, it gives me a chance to let everyone know that you are the sideline reporter for EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2010.” Said Jimmy Traina

It doesn’t matter what Erin Andrew’s does, even when she’s sinking her teeth in a poker sandwich she looks hot.

My question is, how do you like you Pork cooked, Erin?????????
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