Kobe Bryant Has Finally Made It Big On Sesame Street

kobe-bryant-has-finally-made-it-big-on-sesame-streetTotal Pro Sports – How do you know when you’ve really made it as a star?  Is it the three Championship rings, the MVP, All Star teams, or the Olympic Medals, or endorsement deals?  No, those are just sports accomplishments.  The sign that you are really a cultural icon is being a guest on Sesame Street.

Kobe Bryant now joins the ranks of icons on Sesame Street including Jackie Robinson and Dr. J.  Other notable appearances include President Clinton, Richard Pryor, Robert De Niro, James Earl Jones and Barbara Bush.  That’s a list of pretty distinguished names.  Though, I’m not sure if Seinfeld was ever there.

I don’t know if the actual episode will give us all the gems that this interview did.  Such as Kobe, favorite show being CSI: Miami and his awesome ‘remix’ of the Sesame Street theme song.  Maybe this is all just a promotional event for his off season stand up tour.  Who knows?  One thing I do know is that Kobe has successfully cleaned up his image after that unfortunate incident in Colorado a few years ago.  It seems everything is forgiven with a little time and an MVP year and a huge rock that says you love your wife.  I’d just make sure they keep the miniature Kobe muppet away from Prairie Dawn.

Video via – [Sporting News]

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