Never Shake The Hand Of A Milwaukee Brewers Fan

never-shake-the-hand-of-a-milwaukee-brewers-fanTotal Pro Sports – If you ever see a Milwaukee Brewers fan coming up to you and for some odd reason they want to shake your hand and wish you luck, I would decline.  That’s unless you are a Brewers fan, then you might know what I’m talking about.

Brewers fans are great people dedicated to their team and we hold nothing against them.  But recently when they took on the rival Chicago Cubs, a bunch of Brewers fans that were tailgating, drinking beer, eating and drinking more beer, wanted to have a little fun with rival Cubs fans.

So the Brewers fan wearing the Rickie Weeks jersey decided to wish a few Cubs fan a little luck by shaking their hands as they walked to Miller Park.  But before he shook their hands he stuck his hand in his pants and played with his “Louisville Slugger and Balls”.

Sure his hand probably wasn’t to fresh after that either, but it’s small price to pay for smiting one’s enemies.

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Video HT – [BustedCoverage]

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