Shaquille O’Neal Gets Revenge On Lou Amundson With His Own Prank

shaquille-oneal-gets-revenge-on-lou-amundson-with-his-own-little-prankTotal Pro Sports –  What a mistake Lou Amundson made on Tuesday by pranking the biggest prankster of them all Shaquille O’Neal.  If you missed it Amundson filled Shaqs pimped out maroon colored travel van with pink Styrofoam.

But Shaq vowed to the world that he would get his revenge,

“Your In trouble Lou, proof.  I found his

Blackberry.  I’m gonna do something special the whole world gonna know!” Said Shaq.

Shaq wasn’t gonna let this one go to far. He went home and planned out his revenge that included the help of his Suns teammates.

Shaq (with the help of some teammates) tracked down Lou Amundson and held him down while Shaq used clippers to take a patch of hair off his head. Mission accomplished, but while he was at it, Shaq also gave Lou’s eyebrows the “Racing Stripes”.

Lou should have gone with his gut feeling and shaved his head so Shaq couldn’t get to his hair, I guess he just knew it was coming.  Since the Phoenix Suns are out of the playoffs we’ll all have to wait until next season to see what Lou Amundson has left in his prank book.

Video after the jump, enjoy!

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