Q&A: Christy “Black Widow” Resendes

Christ ResendesTotal Pro Sports- A couple months ago we did a post on female bodybuilder Christy Resendes.   It  ended up being very popular, so we decided to do a little follow-up.

We got in contact with the muscular beauty asked if she would like to do an interview and much to our surprise she agreed.

Tells us a little about yourself?

I was born in New Bedford MA, and still reside in MA. I was a professional natural bodybuilder for the IFPA & NGA organization. I am a National Level Bodybuilder in the NPC bodybuilding organization. I am also a certified regional judge for the NPC organization as well as working towards an IFBB professional card.

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When did you start competing? Do you still compete?
I started lifting with the intention of competing in my first show within 3 months of starting. On October 16th 1993, I competed in the Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships at age 15 and I won first place, best poser, and overall.

Yes I am still competing.  I compete at least once per year.

Why do you call yourself the “Black Widow”? Should your male fans be worried?
LOL… It’ kind of funny you ask. I have never really had a nickname. So when asked to come up with a stage name, I couldn’t for the life of me think of one. I happened to be wearing black and one of the photographers suggested black widow.

My good fans know me all too well and know that my appearance is more intimidating then my personality

Do you have any other nicknames?

In elementary and middle school they called me “Quadzilla”, but no nick names really stuck.

Have you ever tried fast food?
LOL, yeah a lot more often then you may think!!!

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you?

There are a few questions I can think of; but to be fair, it all depends on what one considers “weird” from another.

What sports (other than body building) do you follow? Why?

To be honest I don’t follow any sport. I do occasionally watch football, baseball, boxing, etc…

Having three children, running my own business, and training twice a day makes it hard to keep up with sports.

Who would you say is your favorite professional athlete? Why?

I don’t really have a favorite professional athlete but I have two favorite natural athletes.

The first one would be my mother who was a bodybuilder herself and the reason I started bodybuilding. And the other would be my teacher Dr. Ellen Robinson of Bridgewater State College. Both of these athletes are very inspirational and influential individuals, as well as former bodybuilders.

Name one athlete/celebrity/person you would like to put into a choke hold? Why?
Well, I would love to go on the WWE and put the smack down on any of the wrestlers.  I think it would be fun!

What can we expect from you in the future?
There are still quite a few different things I would like to try; such as acting, photography, dance, among others.  As well as remain in the fitness industry.  I truly enjoy what I do.

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