The Vancouver Canucks Are Trash Talking Pioneers

alex-burrowsTotal Pro Sports-  During game one against the St. Louis Blues, the Vancouver Canucks, had some choice words for their younger opponents.  At the end of the first period the Canucks unleashed a barrage of trash-talk on the Blues.

There were  a lot of things being said, but the best comment was made by Canucks forward, Alex Burrows, who said to the Blues “Give you Balls a tug”.  I have never heard this one before and I have no idea what this means, but I like it.  Burrows may have just coined latest and greatest “chirp”.

I can’t wait to watch game 2 tonight and see what other comments the Canucks will use.

Check out the original video here and my personal favorite the “give your balls a tug remix”.

Give Your Balls A Tug Remix

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