Alexander Ovechkin Is A Speed Demon

alexander-ovechkinTotal Pro Sports –  A couple months ago we reported that Alexander Ovechkin was in need of driving lessons and after watching him on E:60, it seems even more evident now.  Apparently, OV is the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz SL 65 and is not afraid to drive to excessive speeds.

In the interview he explains how he routinely cruses well over the speed limit and even said “I drive 180 (mph) one time”.  I guess that when you are one of the fastest players in the world on the ice, you have to drive fast to keep up your image.

If I’m the owner or GM of the Washington Capitals, I don’t know if I would like one of the best players in the leagues driving that fast on a regular basis. I’m sure there has to be some sort of stipulation in his contract about that sort of thing, but I doubt he has actually ever read the fine print.

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