Biggest NFL Draft Busts By Year From 2002-2006

alex-smithTotal Pro Sports- The NFL Draft is just around the corner, so it time for a look back at some of the worst selections in recent years.  Just because a player is selected with a high pick doesn’t guarantee success in the league,you can ask the Detroit Lions about that.

The Draft is a way for a team to get better and also a way to get even worse.  Here is a look at the biggest draft busts from 2002-2006.

I will give the players drafted in the last two years the benefit of the doubt, because they have not played  enough football to be considered a bust.

David Carr, Houston Texans, 2002, #1,

Carr was supposed to be the face of the Texans franchise when he was drafted first overall in 2002 out of Fresno State.  Instead he became a poster-boy for a horrible draft year. Are you paying attention Detroit Lions.

Charles Rogers, Detroit Lions, 2003, #3,

Rogers was yet another Matt Millen first-round mistake.  During his short career Rogers was plagued by injuries and inconsistency.  The last we herd from this guy he was on his way to the slammer.

Robert Gallery, Oakland Raiders, 2004, #2,

Gallery was supposed to be the pillar of Oakland’s O-line when he entered the league in 2002.  Since then they have tried him at different positions, but he is not the type of lineman they thought they were getting.  Unlike the previous two busts, at least he is still on the team, so he gets some credit.

Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers, 2005, #1,

In all fairness to the 49ers, the 2005 draft was one of the worst in recent memories, as there were multiple first-round busts.  However, that  still does not excuse them from wasting a valuable pick on Smith.  He still has a chance to prove he can play, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Vernon, Davis, San Francisco 49ers, 2006, #6,

What a surprise, another horrible pick for San Fran.  Davis has only been in the league for  2 years, but he is yet to prove he belongs there.  Davis is the classic example of a guy who had a great combine and was drafted way too high.  He is still young and has chance to start  producing, just make sure this guy is not on you fantasy team.

Honorable mention:  Joey Harrington, Reggie Williams, Byron Leftwhich,Troy Williamson,

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