Giants And Dodgers Fans Fight Outside AT&T Park

fans-fight-after-the-giantsdodgers-gameTotal Pro Sports – Early into this baseball season it seems as the MLB rivalries are already heating up.

Recently during a San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers game at AT&T Park in San Fran a bunch of fans decided to settle their differences by fighting  and throwing beer.

Ohhh that precious beer…….but the best part comes when one of the drunk fellas starts to call out one of the other guys mom.

“Your Momma’s A Punk, I keep Pulling, I keep pulling.  Your mommas a punk” said the one of the drunk fans.

When the momma jokes come out you could only expect one thing……….A full fledged Royal Rumble and during this whole fight the cameraman stayed calm and cool recording these idiots while not getting hurt.  Good job!!

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