The Jacksonville Jaguars Love First Round Busts

Matt Jones Reggie WilliamsTotal Pro Sports- After compiling my list of NFL busts from 2002-2006, I noticed that the Jaguars have put together quite the collection of busts over the the last couple of years.  A lot of people look to the Detroit Lions as one of the worst teams at drafting, but the Jags are not too far behind.

I think that because the Jags have played good football, prior to last season, they have been exempt from draft related ridicule.  Not anymore.

This off season, the Jags have parted ways with some players who were once high draft picks and now they have some big holes in their roster to fill.

lets take a look at some of the Jacksonville Jaguars biggest first round busts:

Byron Leftwich, 2003, #7,

Coming out of Marshall, Leftwich looked to have all the tools to be a successful NFL QB, that all changed a couple of years later when the Jags released him.   Leftwich recently signed on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has a chance to be the starter.  I think that Byron is a serviceable quarterback, but he will never be a star.

Reggie Williams, 2004, #9

Williams looked the second coming of Terrell Owens when he was drafted into the NFL. He was big, fast, and had great hands.  After a couple of years in the league, he has fallen out of favor with the Jags and remains an unsigned free agent.

Matt Jones, 2005, #21

Poor Matt Jones, the former college star has fallen on hard times recently, since his days at Arkansas.  Jones’ performance at the combine boosted his draft status as a can’t miss pro-prospect, but he never really panned out.  The final straw for Jones’ career were his two drug-related arrests.

Marcedes Lewis, 2006, #28

Marcedes Lewis has done very little since being drafted out of UCLA.  He has only totaled 5 touchdowns in his career.  However, during the second half of last year he started to pick up his play, so there might be some hope for this guy.  At least he is still on the team.

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