Michael Crabtree Has A Secret Weapon For The 2009 NFL Draft

Michael Crabtree Has A Secret Weapon For The DraftTotal Pro Sports – Texas Tech Red Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree wants to let all the NFL scouts and teams watching, why he should be the #1 pick in this Saturday’s 2009 NFL Draft.

So why should Michael Crabtree be picked #1 in this years NFL Draft???……….Simply because he has the best hands out of College Football this year.

Lets take a look at Michael Crabtree’s Top 5 Reasons Why He Has Such Great Hands.

  • 5.  He catches 150 balls after every practice.
  • 4.  Hand lotion and manicures.
  • 3.  He sees the ball the whole way in.
  • 2. Have you seen his “Vice Grip?”.
  • 1.  He sleeps with “Oven Mitts”.

So there you go future college football players, if you want to have hands like Michael Crabtree the secret is keeping you hands warm in “Oven Mitts”!!!!!

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