The Oreo Line!…Cabbie, Carey Price and Georges Laraque

The Oreo Line -Cabbie, Carey Price and Georges LaraqueTotal Pro Sports – Now that everyone is questioning Carey Price’s abilities in goal, maybe he will make the switch to playing forward next season.  It will be like a pitcher in baseball who just loses it and then decides to make a comeback as a batter, alla Rick Ankiel.  So what would Carey come back as?  How about centering a line with tough guy George Laraque and Canadian TV personality “Cabbie“.

That was proposed along with some other hilarious footage for Cabbie’s show.  Also included was an analysis of Price’s arms, which Laraque thinks have “no shapes”.  The proposed Oreo line resulted from Laraque’s joking about Carey’s pale skin.  He’ll have plenty of time to vacation now and take care of that.

As for Carey Price’s future with the Habs?  Lets just say it will be an interesting story going into next year.  It sure sounds like Bob Gainey wants him in Montreal, but Price himself was speaking in a different tone the day after being eliminated four straight to the Boston Bruins, and receiving some an unpleasant reception from the home crowd.

Here is footage of the “Oreo Line” Skit and Price’s interview with the media the day after the loss.

Carey Price Responds to Waving Goodbye to Canadiens Fans

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