This Is Why You Don’t Fish From A Kayak

muskieTotal Pro Sports-  Fishing is a great way to spend a sunny day with your friends.  However, if your not careful you can easily turn a fun day on the water into a nightmare.  For example, fishing from a kayak, it may seem like a good idea because you can maneuver yourself into the hard to get areas, but you just not the same as fishing from a boat.

Here is a story about a guy and his friends who went Muskie fishing in kayaks.  Muskies are one of the biggest freshwater fish in North America and for some reason they get really grumpy when they have a metal hook stuck in their face.  In this video the guy lands a big one and as he is trying to take the hook off, his hand gets hooked.

The quality is not the greatest, but you can clearly hear him say ” Oh God, I need to go to the hospital” after he get his hand hooked.  Getting hooked on any part of your body is never a fun thing and it seems like this could have been avoided had they been in a boat.

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