Reporter From The Past Comes Back To ‘Punk’ Greg Popovich

Reporter From Past Comes Back To ‘Punk’ Greg PopovichTotal Pro Sports – Last night following their game 4 loss to the Mavs, Spurs coach Greg Popovich had a lot of question to answer. The most difficult one likely came from some crazy “wannabe old school” reporter who had the following to ask, or at least this is what is sounded like he was asking:

“Champ, Champ. Tell me about your fiery Francofile. The Parisian torpedo, Tony Parker. Can he continue to be your main butter and egg man and still crunk the boys from big D?”

That’s what we got from the question. Judging by his reaction, it sounds like we did better than Popovich, who responded by asking whether he was “getting punked”. I’m not sure if he was, but his Spurs sure are on the court. If there’s one question Greg should hope he can answer at this point, its how to come back in the series down 3-1.

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Here’s the video of the question at his press conference.