Talbot Gets Snot Beat Out Of Him, Proves Commentator Wrong!

Talbot Gets Snot Beat Out Of Him, Proves Commentator Wrong!Total Pro Sports – Gary Galley, CBC color commentator for Pens vs Flyers series, was right.  Talbot did get the “snot” beat out of him.  After a fight between Flyers’ tough guy Dan Carcillo and Pens grinder Maxim Talbot, Galley admired Talbot’s courage, but questioned his motives, saying the following:

“If your Talbot you gotta appreciate what your trying to do.  Get it turned around.  But you can’t get the snot beat out of you.  That’s not gonna help anybody.”

Talbot and the Pens would have you thinking differently after what happened in the game following the scrap.  Seeing Talbot get in there and take a pounding from Carcillo (but still stand in there with him), the Penguins got fired up, coming back from a 3-0 deficit to take the game 5-3.  With the win, Pittsburgh will advance to the second round winning the series 4-2.  If they can keep this grit, Fleury can keep making saves, and their guns can score, they will be a tough team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

Here’s the video of Talbot getting smoked with commentary from CBC’s Gary Galley.

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