2009 NFL Draft Impressions Picks 1-16

Matthew Stafford Drafted By The Detroit LionsTotal Pro Sports – Draft time. So psyched. Just three guidelines; this is written post draft but based off my live draft notes, I was watching NFL Network’s coverage and I’m a Cleveland fan so some of my notes were obscured by blood from my leaking skull which I was consistently smashing against a wall during the event.

1 – Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford – QB

Not much to say really. Right move.

2 – St. Lois Rams – Jason Smith – OT

The debate was Monroe vs. Smith and I think Smith won out because whilst he lacks in pass protection compared to Monroe, he has the athletic framework that can potentially be developed into a great pass blocker and already is a dominant lane opener in the running game. Eugene Monroe looks like he’s hit his ceiling, albeit a very talented ceiling.

3 – Kansas City Chiefs – Tyson Jackson – DE

Shocking! Aaron Curry at 3 was my lock of the draft and the Chiefs choose Tyson Jackson over the best player in the whole draft? I’m still trying to work this out; does Glenn Dorsey, a prototypical defensive tackle who will struggle at nose tackle, slide to DE with Jackson opposite and Tamba Hali at rush linebacker – meaning Hali and Dorsey are out of position. Or do you put Dorsey at nose tackle and Hali at 5 technique and watch them both struggle, now relying on Tyson Jackson to bail you out at left end? What stupidity will the Chiefs try next? Trading for a QB with one season under his belt since high school when they already have an adequate QB in place? Oh wait…

4 – Seattle Seahawks – Aaron Curry – OLB

Seattle isn’t a 4 win team and will likely return to the playoffs, meaning they won’t get a shot at number one overall talent like Curry for a long time to come. It’s no wonder they didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on him.

5 – New York Jets (trade from Cleveland) – Mark Sanchez – QB

AWESOME DRAFT MOMENT! The Radio City Music Hall is absolutely rocking. 5 down to 17 is a long fall for Cleveland who probably should have secured more than backups and a second, but having said that I like Brett Ratliff and obviously Mangini is thinking the same way. Projecting what Sanchez does in New York is useless, since he’ll live or die by his numbers, but one thing is for sure; Sanchez’s reaction to the news he’s getting top 5 money from a playoff caliber team is almost as good as those three Jets’ fans who were disgusted by him. Who could of possibly made those three guys happy?

Mike Mayock seems to think New York jumped all that way because someone else was sniffing about and I tend to agree. None of the Browns, Bengals or Raiders would have taken him, so I’m thinking Denver or Washington were prowling.

6 – Cincinnati Bengals – Andre Smith – OT

Off field issues and Cincinnati go hand in hand. This guy was being mocked as high as two a few months so I guess the Bengals value talent over character. What a surprise.

7 – Oakland Raiders – Darrius Heyward-Bey – WR

Crabtree is on the board… but our worst nightmares are realised. Al Davis you moron. Reggie Bush had speed and production but neither translated to the NFL, enter Heyward-Bey who doesn’t have the production and you’re sitting on a bust Davis. Oakland will not make the playoffs until Al Davis is gone.

The Jags want out. They’re using all of their 15 minutes, but there seems to be no biters with Sanchez off the board. I think they’re trying to move back for Vontae Davis.

8 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Eugene Monroe – OT

With 20 seconds left, the Jags settle for Monroe. What a ringing endorsement when a team uses all of its 15 minutes trying to get out of drafting you. Khalif Barnes sucks and is gone, so without a top 10 worthy corner this makes sense.

9 – Green Bay Packers – BJ Raji – NT

Puuurfect. Green Bay couldn’t have planned this better; exactly who they want at the nose of their 3-4.

10 – San Francisco 49ers – Michael Crabtree – WR

No one thought he’d be here, so I’m not sure what to make of this. Mike Singletary will have found passing on Michael Oher very difficult, but Crabtree is too talented not to take when you haven’t had a franchise receiver since Jerry Rice.

11 – Buffalo Bills – Aaron Maybin – DE/OLB

You had to replace Jason Peters. You had to. I honestly don’t think they realised Michael Oher was on the board, and considering they picked Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo I think the Bills need to seriously look at drafting a new guy to maintain the board.

12 – Denver Broncos – Knowshon Moreno – RB

You just switched to the 3-4. You just brought in a whole bunch of running backs. What are you doing with your franchise Denver? Seriously. You were meant to be contending the AFC championship and now you’ve just condemned yourself to picking inside the top 10 next year. This is in no way anti-Moreno – I think he’s a phenomenal player – but this is the second stupidest pick behind Heyward-Bey so far.

13 – Washington Redskins – Brian Orakpo – DE/OLB

Orakpo escapes the top 10 and Maybin is taken over him; so despite whiffing on a Sanchez trade, this is mighty fine compensation.

14 – New Orleans Saints – Malcolm Jenkins – CB/FS

This has been a lock for a while.

NFL Network’s Pieces of the Puzzle graphic being used to compare the 2008 New Orleans secondary to the 2009 secondary with Jabari Greer and Jenkins inserted is pretty redundant, but slick nonetheless. The Saints are a REALLY dangerous team. Possible NFC Superbowl representatives?

15 – Houston Texans – Brian Cushing – OLB

I don’t think that Houston were thrilled with the talent available at this point and neither am I. I’ve always maintained that Houston would trade down, or reach at 15 and they decided to do the latter. Cushing is a meh for me; this guy looked so serious at the combine, and even his family can’t crack a smile in the green room. The whole Cushing family looks thoroughly miserable at the prospect of their son making tens of millions of dollars in a NFL uniform.

16 – San Diego Chargers – Larry English – DE/OLB

Larry English isn’t an Igor Olshansky replacement so this pick knocks me sideways a little. A right tackle made more sense, especially with Michael Oher still there.

The NFL Network crew are loving that last selection; Gruden is beside himself at the prospect of Shawne Merriman AND Larry English blitzing. I think you’re the only one Jon.

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