2009 NFL Draft Impressions Picks 17-32

Josh Freeman Drafted By The Tampa Bay BucsBucs trade up for Cleveland’s 17 selection. Have they just stolen Josh Freeman from Denver?

17 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade from Cleveland) – Josh Freeman – QB

Yes they have. Either you sit Freeman for a year no matter what and play Leftwich, or you throw Freeman in day one. Do not mess about with “McCown is in competition with Freeman, but we think Brian Griese has something to offer and Josh Johnson is a developmental talent…” crap, be decisive. Cut Griese, trade McCown and show some backbone at the QB position for once in your history. Also, what is Cleveland’s aversion to drafting?

18 – Denver Broncos – Robert Ayers – DE

Ouch Eagles’ fans, this was your guy. After that horror pick, Denver have saved some face. Who would have known adding players to your abysmal defence was a good idea?

Mayock believes Ayers could end up being the best defensive player in this draft, but with only one productive year under his belt this is a huge gamble.

19 – Philadelphia Eagles (trade from Cleveland) – Jeremy Maclin – WR

Jermey Maclin?! That was a surprise; even the NFL Network guys were thrown. I thought it might have been Brandon Pettigrew since the Eagles struggled in the red-zone, but Maclin is crazy. He’s a small track star like DeSean Jackson last year, and where did Jackson end up? Oh… the Eagles. So why do they need Maclin? I’m not condemning this pick it’s just a weird choice, I expect they scrambled a little once Ayers left the board. Also, if the Eagles knew that Michael Oher would fall to them, there is no way they trade for Jason Peters. This is painful for the Eagles so far.

How many 6th round picks does Eric Mangini want? These guys are cut fodder for the wiliest drafters and this is the Browns we’re talking about.

With Michael Oher available Detroit should be ecstatic. I had them walking out with Stafford and Beatty, but Stafford and Oher would make for a phenomenal first round.

20 – Detroit Lions – Brandon Pettigrew – TE

You’re killing me here. Matthew Stafford is David Carr 2.0; confirmed. You loaded this team with receivers this offseason and you still want to add a TE? Don’t even try and tell me they need a red zone target; Kevin Smith is a solid thumper, and Calvin Johnson is the best combination of speed and size in the league. Horrible.

Everette Brown – make it happen Cleveland. You’ve moved back and back, and I’m assuming you’re following Brown and/or Ayers. Well here is your guy.

21 – Cleveland Browns – Alex Mack – C

Amazing… the one area of the field that the Browns are serviceable is offensive line. At the end of the day if the positional value of centre was higher then Mack would be a top 5 selection, as it is, the Browns have fallen flat on their face by not upgrading their pitiful pass rush. It could have been Crabtree. It could have been Orakpo. It could have been Everette Brown. But instead you choose a centre/guard way too high.

I have this weird feeling like Rhett Bomar is about to be called. No way that 5th round talent will be, but I feel like the Vikings want to get in on the crazy pick action.

22 – Minnesota Vikings – Percy Harvin – WR

Michael Oher continues to fall, I understand he isn’t a prototypical right tackle but he is good enough to push Bryant McKinnie over to the right. In face Bryant McKinnie is a tasty prospect at right tackle… but that’s irrelevant because the pick is Percy Harvin (or Bernard Berrian jnr as I know him). Downfield speed, better route running than expected and a real danger on special teams make him an attractive asset but possibly not a necessity. With ageing corners I would have liked Darius Butler here, and the Vikings better hope Phil Loadholt can slide to them in the second to fill their mammoth hole at right tackle.

Baltimore have swapped places with New England. If they both want Darius Butler then this could have been expensive for Baltimore.

23 – Baltimore Ravens (trade from New England) – Michael Oher – OT

I think Baltimore were sick of seeing terrible franchises continue to be dumb by passing on talent. Jared Gaither played pretty well last season with only 3 sacks on the year after being selected in the fifth two years ago, but at 350lbs he’s prime right tackle material. There is a reason teams like Baltimore go to the AFC championship game whilst Detroit lose everything, and this is the perfect example of why.

24 – Atlanta Falcons – Peria Jerry – DT

One of 5 picks I’ve managed to get dead-on so far and with Gonzalez traded for, Peria Jerry made a lot of sense. Solidify against the run and take the heat off John Abrahams, will be the orders of the day.

Indianapolis are blowing their brains out right about now with Jerry off the board, you may be about to see them reach for Evander Hood.

25 – Miami Dolphins – Vontae Davis – CB

Phew. Looks like we’re returning to some normalcy here with the third sensible pick in a row. Strip away the entourage, teach him some respect and don’t let him anywhere near the doobie toting Ricky Williams and you’ve got a super talented shutdown corner. I’ve already raved this offseason about combining Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson at safety, so when you add in the incumbent Will Allen and now Vontae Davis Miami have strengthened a previously weak secondary into a vaunting prospect for Brady and co in the AFC East.

Green Bay trading up?! Has the world gone crazy? Ted Thompson shows some balls for the first time in his Green Bay tenure, and I can picture him now snarling and growling to rapturous applause inside the Packers’ war room. If this pick is Everette Brown, the player I had them taking at 9 overall, then the Packers just won the first round.

26 – Green Bay Packers (trade from New England) – Clay Matthews – OLB

New England check out of the first round and Clay Matthews checks into a Green Bay uniform. The obvious weakness last year was that meagre pass rush and now your adding a pass rush specialist in Matthews. This guy is like catching a wasp in a jam jar and then shaking the jar just to make the wasp extra angry. A little too instinctive to play first and second downs year one, but the best pure third down outside linebacker in the draft.

27 – Indianapolis Colts – Donald Brown – RB

I guess so… first off; Brown over Wells? Do you like this guy’s pass catching ability that much more than Wells? And secondly, why so quick to give up on Joseph Addai? I get the guy has health issues, but if he does stay healthy then do you really want him to split his slender 15 carries a game in half?

28 – Buffalo Bills – Eric Wood – C/G

You knew that the streak of good selections had to end somewhere, and are you shocked it was ended by a crappy team drafting out of position? I guess it’s a left guard replacement for Kevin Dockery, but since when have left guards been worthy of a first round selection? Just for the record Eben Britton is still on the board and the Bills have a no-namer and then me on their depth charts at left tackle, the second most important position in the sport of football. Make of that what you will.

The Giants are going receiver now Moreno is gone, so is it Nicks or Britt…

29 – New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks – WR

Golden hands and 6-1 size. Plaxico who? NFL Network are projecting Steve Smith as their number two, but he’s a better fit in the slot so I’m not ruling out a third round trade for Ocho Cinco (Really Chad? We have to call you that stupidity?).

30 – Tennessee Titans – Kenny Britt – WR

Wh-What!? The Titans taking a skills player in the first? What happened to slowly slowly boring Titans? I would’ve thought after the Vince Young fiasco the Titans would be done with these temperamental offensive fairies. In all seriousness, I love the balance this pick brings; Nate Washington is a deep threat and at 6-3 Britt will be the red-zone/possession guy. Now if only they could get Alge Crumpler working…

31 – Arizona Cardinals – Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells – RB

Teams are going to have to pay a little more respect to the Cardinal run game this year with Wells in town. In case that exquisite far right fade route that Larry Fitzgerald was dominating the red-zone with all season fails, Beanie Wells is the thumper that will finish those drives. And here you all were thinking people mocking Wells to fall this far were crazy.

Wow, the NFL Network guys are ripping on Wells – “a marginally better Tim Hightower”. Is that 5th round Tim Hightower versus arguably the best back in the 2009 draft you’re comparing? Is that the same Tim Hightower who couldn’t cut his way out of a paper bag let alone an NFL line of scrimmage? That one 100 yard game against the St. Louis was a long time ago, and it was the only time Hightower surpassed 40 yards. Oh and it was against the Rams, who are like reeeeeeally bad.

32 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Evander ‘Ziggy’ Hood – DT

This pick was Mack all the way, but not even the “world champion Super Bowl… er… Champions?” (nice one Goodell) could of conceived Eric Mangini’s insanity. 6-3 300lb nose tackles don’t excite me but neither do small school 6-1 250lb rush linebacker prospects called James Harrison, and look how that turned out. How do you criticise anything the Steelers do on D?

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