Fans Show Too Much Love For Wayne Gretzky With A Weird Song

wayne-gretzkyTotal Pro Sports – Wayne Gretzky is an adored sports icon, especially in Canada where he was voted among the top 10 on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s “Greatest Canadian” competition.  Many would love to meet him, others to speak with him, or shake his hand, but then there are those who have other ideas.

Goldfinger drummer Darrin Pfeiffer made a little video about what he thinks of “The Great One”, and then it was remade by some kids in a “studio session”.  Let’s just assume the title is “Wayne Gretzky, The Only Man I’d Have Sex With”.  It would be interesting to see if his Coyotes move to Toronto.  Should that happen, he may want to think about getting someone to watch his back.

Here’s a nice montage to go with Pfeiffer’s song.

And here’s a video of the kids “in studio”

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