Where Would You Take LeBron James In The NFL Draft?

Where Would You Pick LeBron James In The NFL Draft?Total Pro Sports – If you were an NFL team and NBA All Star LeBron James decided to declare himself for the NFL draft, would you take the chance and select LBJ?????

1st pick, 15th, 2nd round, never?? If it were our choice we would say LBJ should definitely be selected in the top 5 picks of the NFL Draft

On ESPN the other day, this was a topic of discussion and a guest of the show, Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew, thought that LeBron is a guaranteed No. 1 overall selection if he were to declare himself for the NFL draft. Scoop Jackson also agreed. The only one who was Skip Bayless who basically lost his mind and thought the rest of the panel was crazy.

How can you not take a chance on such a great athlete like LBJ??? Okay maybe not the first pick in the NFL draft, but definitely a top 5 pick for sure.  If you didn’t know, in high school James was the No. 2 ranked prospect in the State behind the infamous Maurice Clarett.  Trust me NFL teams would drool over a chance to have LeBron James on their team.

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