Alex Ovechkin: “Don Cherry, I Will Never Become A Robot”

Alex Ovechkin: "Don Cherry I'm Not A Robot"Total Pro Sports –  Will we ever see the end of this Don Cherry/Alex Ovechkin fiasco? We may not, but hopefully soon enough this will all be put to rest and Alex can continue awe NHL fans.

In a recent interview, Ovechkin was asked what he thought about Don Cherry’s thoughts after his 50 goal celebration.

“Different minds, Old people they dont like when people show enegery and emotions. So they are like robots.”

Alex Ovechkin should not be criticized for his crazy celebrations, he is a star who loves the game of hockey and gives his Washington Capitals 150% every game.  He doesn’t care about the fame and the fortune all he lives for is playing hockey.

So Don please leave Alex Ovechkin alone, he is selling out arena’s worldwide and helping the NHL somewhat cope in a struggling American marketplace.  If it weren’t for him who knows what state the NHL would be in today.

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