Padraig Harrington Drives The Ball Longer With The Happy Gilmore Swing

Padraig Harrington Drives The Ball Longer With The Happy Gilmore SwingTotal Pro Sports – Everyone remembers the box office hit “Happy Gilmore” and his famous running drives off the tee.  Happy was driving the ball distances golfers could only dream of hitting.  I remember thinking to myself “I can do that too” and boy was I wrong.

The first chance I had to get on a golf course and give the Happy Gilmore drive a go I did, and its definitely was one day in my life I will never forget.  Approaching the ball, I swung with all my mite, embarrassing myself by hitting the ball no further then the womens tee along with blowing out my right shoulder because of the unconventional swing.  I was sidelined for a month and a half with a separated shoulder and to this day I still feel the pain.

13 years later the people at Sport Science decided to test out the Happy Gilmore swing and recruited PGA Pro Padraig Harrington.  So what were the results????  Lets just say his form on the drive was identical to his standstill drive but using the Happy Gilmore swing he added a whopping 30 plus yards.

So will Padraig use this swing on the golf course?  He says never! because of the consistency and accuracy that doesn’t comes with the Happy Gilmore swing.  But he does recommend an average golfer giving it shot because they got nothing to lose except the ball.

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