Nuggets Cheerleader Krista Kay Speaks Fluent Canadian

Krista KayTotal Pro Sports – The Denver Nuggets are playing some of their best ball and recently tied an NBA record for the largest margin of victory in a playoff game.  The record was set by the Minneapolis Lakers who beat the St. Louis Hawks 133-75 in 1956.

Today I was informed by Jimmy at Hot Clicks to visit the Denver Nuggets home page and check out their cheerleaders page specifically cheerleader “Krista Kay. Like any other regular “John”, I did.

While reading over her profile I came across something hilarious, Krista was asked the question, What do people not know about you? Krista’s response,

“I Speak Fluent Canadian”

Last time I checked being from Canada myself, Canadian has yet to become a certified language in the world.  But that’s okay Krista, I understand how you speak fluent Canadian, you must use the word “EH” allot.


Nuggets Cheerleader Krista Kay Has Something To Say

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